PAD Welfare

PAD Welfare
Our dedicated team is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our community through a range of initiatives in areas of education, prisoner repatriation, legal affairs, financial assistance, and general wellness and welfare. We strive to build a stronger, more resilient community.
Food Drives
Our regular food drives each Ramadan have served thousands of deserving individuals. Through ration cards, food packages, and iftar meals, we have been able to help many families each Holy Month.
Prisoner Repatriation
Our prisoner repatriation program focuses on assisting individuals who have served their sentences and are eager to reunite with their families back in Pakistan. We work closely with Dubai Police and the Pakistan Consulate to repatriate prisoners and make our efforts possible.
Gift Giving
Every year, we organise Eid Gift Distribution ceremonies for families which bring much needed smiles to the faces of hundreds of deserving children.
Education Support
Our commitment to education is demonstrated by providing financial assistance and resources to deserving students. By investing in education, we are investing in a brighter future for our community.
Steps For Dead Body Repatriation
1. Death Certificate from the hospital
2. Report to the nearest Police Station
3. Visa cancellation from Immigration
4. Passport cancellation from Pakistan Embassy / Consulate
5. Letter from Embassy / Consulate for cargo of the body with one attendant
6. Relevant Police Station will issue the following letters

      a) For the hospital where the dead body is kept
      b) For the hospital where embalming will take place
      c) For airport

7. Letter copy to hospital for embalming the dead body
8. Document to PIA to obtain a free ticket for the dead body with one attendant
9. Handover the documents to DNATA / Cargo 3 hours prior to departure
Steps for Funeral in the UAE
1. Hospital will issue a letter for nearest Police Station
2. Relevant Police Station will issue the following letters

      d) For body release from Hospital / Mortuary
      e) For ambulance
      f) For graveyard

3. Passport and visa can be cancelled after the funeral.
For details, contact 04 230 5001 / 04 230 5043 / ‎04 397 3600
Your Welfare, Our Priority
At the heart of it all, our Welfare Department is dedicated to the general wellbeing of our community members.

We have an incredible network of volunteers to facilitate our welfare services. A large segment of our community with high unmet need requires our support – this is where the PAD Welfare team plays an instrumental role in identifying these deserving groups through a robust screening process.

We are able to serve these individuals through the ever-growing support of our community who contribute to our cause in huge numbers. Our gratitude goes out all those who have supported our endeavours in the past. As public service remains a priority, our welfare department still needs the support of our community to ensure the long-term sustainability of our services.

Along with our donors and supporters, PAD also remains thankful to Dar Al Ber Society, Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, and the Community Development Authority (CDA) for constantly facilitating our mission.
Get Involved
You can be a part of our mission to make a difference. Whether you wish to volunteer, contribute, or simply learn more about our initiatives, we welcome your participation.

For inquiries, contributions, or to get involved, please contact us at [email protected].

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