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Asma Jan Muhammad | January 11, 2022
Even if it is not winters, dehydration is common in the summers too.
The heat & humidity is at its peak and your skin and body have been craving that hydration boost. Hydration is not only essential for the skin outside but inside for your body also to make sure you look and feel healthy and fresh.
How do you know you’re de-hydrated?
Feeling thirsty
Dry mouth, lips and eyes
Dizziness or lightheaded
Confusion and tiredness (fatigue)
Less and dark urination
Muscle cramp

Have you been experiencing any of them?
Hemani spills some hydration hacks that are so simple and easy you wished you knew earlier.

1. Drink electrolytes
Electrolytes are essential minerals (sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, phosphate and bicarbonate) that naturally charge your body when dissolved in water. They help to regulate your body with nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and maintain overall healthy-functioning body.
Make a glass of Lemon Water with Himalayan Pink Salt and Chia Seeds that are soaked for at least 5 minutes. Serve (slightly) chilled or at room temperature.
This tasty tangy electrolyte drink can also be made with Hibiscus Tea and sprinkled with the pink salt.
These summer beverages are great refreshers for yourself and also for the guests *thank us later*.

2. High in Water Foods (fruits & foods)
The hydrating food might be lying in your fridge that’s asking you to grab them now!
Watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce and apples are summer staples that should be eaten regularly. If you don’t like the taste or can’t eat by itself or want to create a fusion twist to the regular taste, just sprinkle some black pepper or Himalayan Salt to rev up your taste buds.

3. Don’t forget this if you ‘don’t’ drink more water
By saying you don’t drink more water, you fall in that 43% of people who reach out to their bottle/ glass of water less than 5 times a day. But do you know how you can double the hydration level of the little amount of water you are surviving on?
Just add Chia Seeds.
These omega-3 rich tiny super seeds, don’t only help you look slim, fit and beautiful, but they also help greatly with hydration due to their ability to absorb up to 8 times their weight in water. They continue to expand giving you more of what 4 glasses of plain water couldn’t give.
Since they are also high in soluble fiber, it helps with digestion and keeping you fuller for longer which also eventually helps in weight loss.

4. Hydrate your skin
Now it’s time for some e(x)ternal skin hydration. Your lips are not parched yet, or skin dry and flaky, but it definitely looks dull, dry and tired. How can you fix it? Oh there are many products out there in the market, but did you know these unheard skincare hacks?
Rose Water is the famous hack for quick pick-me-up mood & skin refresher. But this is what you need to know: you can spray this pore-minimizing face mist, toner, herbal water spray (call it as you please) over and under makeup! Yes, this is an all-rounder to fix your makeup, act as a primer, tone and reduce acne and redness which is 100% natural.
No one is a fan of heavy skincare when everything seems to melt off. You can hydrate your skin with these many skin concern saving serums that are so light-weight and hydrating that you will fall in love!
Share this: Before applying the face serum, slightly dampen your skin with a toner/ face mist and then massage and pat in the serum into the skin, you will be left with glowing-like-a-star skin. Then follow with your SPF and/ or makeup.
This 2-step skincare hack will be your favourite all year round.

5. Protect & Save
The pollution, humidity and the sun rays can damage your hair and skin on the face, hands and feet. Make sure to use SPF to protect your skin while providing it with utmost care & nourishment.
We absolutely love this multi-purpose summer-friendly Dry Oil with SPF 30 for face, hair, nail & body. It moisturizes dry nails & cuticles, tames frizzy hair, and protects the skin with a non-greasy luminous glow.
You will be a fan of this luxurious and cooling body lotions with sun protection that are enriched with herbal and natural extracts to not only protect but moisturize your skin leaving a lingering soft fragrance. 🌿

These simple & easy 4 to 5 steps is all that you need to help you get through this heat wave and humidity.

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About the author of blog:
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