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Asma Jan Muhammad | January 11, 2022
Planning to send your child to study abroad. Here is a checklist curated by a leading education consultant

The best gift you can give your kid’s is Education. Today, many parents are sending their children to foreign countries for higher education. The Canada, UK, US, online casino New Zealand and Australia are some of the preferred education destinations. If you are a parent planning to send your child abroad to study, here’s a useful checklist:

1. Discuss your child’s career goals: You should talk to your children about their aspirations and career goals to understand which country would be suitable for their educational growth. Make sure your ideas align with your child’s academic aspirations and their future plans.

2. Understand the educational and work permits of different countries: Every country has its own requirements and rules that need to be followed. For instance, some countries allow students to work while studying and some do not. And the working hours also vary from country to country and from course to course. Prior knowledge will be helpful for both students and parents.

3. Budget it out
Having an estimate of the costs involved in foreign education can help you to make informed decisions. Remember, tuition fee isn’t the only expense that you should be calculating. You must also consider other expenses such as accommodation, food, health coverage and travel.

4. Accommodation options available: Accommodation is another important thing that you should consider. Some colleges offer hostel facilities, but it depends on students whether they want to avail the accommodation facility or not. If your child doesn’t want to stay on the university campus, you will have to arrange accommodation near the university campus.

5. Explore various financing/scholarship avenues: There are many scholarships and aids offered by the government and the institutions for international students. So, it is necessary to search enough for the right scholarship.

6. Check eligibility requirements and the qualifying exams for your course: Every university has its own requirements. For instance, qualifying exams vary from one university to another university. Even qualifying exams are different for different courses. For example, to pursue law in the US, students need to appear for LSAT and for the MBA, students need to give GMAT.

7. Seek help from the experts: Educational consultants can help provide you and your child guidance when it comes to choosing the country, course and college. Glinks International is one such educational consultant in Dubai. They are a 360° solution provider when it comes to obtaining overseas education. Glinks’ experienced counselors are just a call or an appointment away. You can get advice on picking the right institute based on factors such as program, scholarships, campus life and placements. Glinks can help you make the right choice by giving you the right advice. They offer customized solutions for the application process.

About the author of blog:
Asma Jan Muhammad is a Chartered Accountant from Pakistan / England & Wales and currently works as Finance Director at a local conglomerate in UAE. In her 20 years of professional career, she has created her name and added value to leading multinational and local groups. Throughout her school and college life she endeavored to achieve top positions, securing two gold-medals in CA exams and also became the first overseas recipient of the “CA Woman of the Year 2019” award conferred by the President of Pakistan in recognition of her services for the UAE Chapter of ICAP members. Despite continuing a challenging profession and family life in terms of time and efforts, she is also giving back to the community by volunteering editorial services for PAD’s monthly periodical “Pehchaan”. She has been speaking for women related causes and is also a mentor for community women seeking professional advice for business startups facing financial challenges. She is also a co-author in MENA Speakers’ “She Dares” which is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 36 inspiring women from across the globe. Asma believes in enabling others and in promoting tolerance, diversity and equality through her writings

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