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COVID-19 Vaccine

Our Clinic Manager and General Physician at PMC, Dr Sadaf Jalil, talks about clearing any doubts around the COVID-19 vaccine with your experts and specialists. Do not rely on hearsay or anecdotal information. Let's support the local authorities in winning our battle against the pandemic.

How to Protect Your Eyes in a World of Gadgets?

This week, our Optometrist, Dr Nida Hamid discusses the impact of technology and our contemporary lifestyles on our eyesight. Watch the full video to learn the importance of protecting our eyes and how you can optimize your eye health.

Importance of Getting Vaccinated (Urdu)

پاکستانمیڈیکلسنٹرکےمیڈیکلڈائرکٹراورپتھالوجستڈاکٹرمحمدنسیمصابرنے کووڈ-19 کامقابلہکرنےکےلیےویکسینلگوانےکیسختاہمیت و ضرورتکوواضحکرتےہوئےکہاہےکہمتحدہعرباماراتدنیاکےچنداولینممالکمیںسےہےجسنےاپنےشہریوںاوریہاںبرائےروزگارمقیملوگوںکےلیےویکسینکیفراہمیممکنبنائیہے۔انہوںنےپاکستانیکمیونٹیپرزوردیاہےکہلوگوںکوآگاہکیاجائےکہاپنیاوراپنےبالبچوںاوراعزہ و اقاربکےبچاوکےلیےکہاسوباکےخلافحفاظتیاقداماتسےفائدہاٹھائیںاوربلاتاخیرویکسینلگوائیں۔
Medical Director, Microbiologist and Pathologist at PMC, Dr Muhammad Nasim Sabir explains the paramount importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The UAE is one of the first few countries that has made the vaccine readily available for all residents and citizens. He urges our community to spread the word and take this important safety measure for our own protection and that of our loved ones.

Lower Back Pain

On yet another episode, our Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Mohsin e Azam talks about lower back pain. One of the most common issues, it can often be disruptive to one's daily routine. Dr. Mohsin details the common causes of back pain which include poor posture and mishandling of heavy loads amongst others. It is recommended that you visit your doctor as soon as possible to prevent the pain from affecting your everyday activities.
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