Terms & Conditions

Membership conditions fees, types of membership, revocation of membership, membership procedure.

1. All Pakistani Nationals holding a valid Residence Visa of United Arab Emirates shall be eligible to enroll themselves with PAD as members.
2. A member of PAD shall automatically lose his/her membership if he/her dies, is expelled or resigns from the membership himself.
3. A member may be expelled from PAD if, such a member has:
a) been a persistent defaulter in payment of subscription fee, or
b) willfully deceived PAD by a false statement, or
c) acted in any way prejudicial or detrimental to the interests of PAD

The categories of membership are as follows:

1. Long Term – AED1000/-|Mid Term – AED500/-|Short Term Membership – AED300/-

All Pakistani Nationals not less than 18 years of age shall be eligible to become Long Term/Mid Term or Short Term Members of PAD. The duration for long term is ten (10) years, the Mid Term is for (4) years whereas that for the short term is two (2) years.

2. Honorary Membership – AED 1000/-

Honorary Membership shall be conferred upon any nationality that supports/contributes to PAD and are interested to become a member.

3. Associate Membership

Every member of any Sub Committee of PAD shall automatically become an Associate Member of PAD. Such membership shall not confer upon him/her the benefits given to a Long Term/ Mid Term or Short Term Member.

4. Junior Membership – AED 200/-

Any Pakistani / non-Pakistani under 18 years of age can become a junior member and would be for a duration of (2) years. Junior Members will not be eligible to cast vote in the elections of PAD.

The “Brick a Month” membership drive launched in year 2019 is to support the operations of Pakistan Medical Center. Any community member can subscribe to the initiative by contributing monthly/once towards the campaign.
Long term / Mid Term or Short Term membership shall be granted by PAD


In case a member does not pay his fee within a month from the date when it becomes due, he/she will be served with a written notice for payment. In case no reply is received within a period of one month after the issuance of the notice he/she will cease to be a member of PAD. The membership of a defaulter shall only be renewed on the payment. In case of renewal his/ her membership period will start from the date of expiry of previous membership.

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