Raja Namul Hassan

Lot #6 We Have The Same Sky
Artist Name : Raja Namul Hassan
Dimensions : 36x36cm
Medium : Oil colors on canvas

I very well remember and can feel the way I felt when I visited Dubai for the first time - 15 years ago.” Nothing felt impersonal, the same sky, the same birds chirping sound, the same colour of sand. ‘Bastakiya’ felt like I've gone back to my home village. Wooden roofs and old doors. The sea felt like the coast of our Balochistan. That’s why I choose to display this particular work of mine, as I have depicted the same sky and the same birds that remind me of both my favorite countries similarities and friendship.

    Pakistan Association Dubai. , Street 11b, Oud Metha Road,
    Bur Dubai ,
    United Arab Emirates
    04 2305000
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