PAD Toastmasters Club – New EXCOM takes office

PAD Toastmasters Club held its annual election on 15th June 2020 to elect new executive committee for the term 2020-2021. A professional election process as per constitution was followed and all members of the club voted for the seven new office bearers.


Following are the member of new Executive committee effective from 1st July 2020:


Mr. Imran Akram – President
Mr. Abid Hussain – Vice President – Education
Mr. Muhammad Salahuddin – Vice President – Membership
Mr. Muhammad Alim – Vice President – Public Relation
Mr. Muhammad Dilawaiz – Secretary
Mr. Asad ullah Khan – Treasurer
Mr. Mehtab Aziz – Seargent at Arms


Message from the new President :


“Happy New Toastmasters (TM) year to you and to Toastmasters fraternity around the globe from and on behalf of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) Toastmasters Club, Dubai. May this new TM year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your TM life. Wishing every day of the new TM year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity for you.


As we come to the New TM Year, I also wish to tell you of the warmth of my feeling as to how special you are for Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) Toastmasters Club. It is indeed a pleasure and privilege for me and for your EXCOM to serve such passionate and committed leaders like you. PAD TM Club has achieved excellence in its very first year of inception and it was all possible only because of your active participation and continuous support to PAD TM Club. Hats off to our last EXCOM for a bang up job and for setting high standards for their successors.


Life is all about learning. Every single moment of our life teaches us something new. So let’s all learn from this new year with new bites of the cherry and apply those learning in every facet of our life, be it our personal life, be it our professional life or be it our social life.


Let’s resolve to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve our TM Life. It is a promise to yourself, just to yourself, that you will change something and will do it differently in this new TM year.


By becoming a member of PAD TM Club, you already have got a foot in the doors of success. So your EXCOM team will soon be contacting you for one to one discussions as to how to achieve your success goals which will ultimately lead PAD TM Club to achieve further excellence.”


TM Imran Akram

President – Pakistan Association Dubai Toastmasters Club


for futher details to join PAD Toastmasters Club, please contact at : +971 4 3373 632