November 18, 2018 at 12:00 am Pakistan Association DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Iqbal Day

We are living and cheering our life here in UAE to show our devotion and the long friendship of Pakistan and the UAE. PAD celebrates the national day each year, strengthening and keeping the friendship of Pakistan and UAE.

Iqbal day is the day which is celebrated to honour the greatest inspiration of Pakistan. We celebrate the “Poet of the East “and the “National Poet”. Passing on the knowledge of this enlightening personality to our generation.

This program was organized by the Education Committee of Pakistan Association Dubai. Head of Education Committee Mrs. Samina Nasir and Assistant Head of Education Committee Mrs. Neelofir Imtiaz said that 13 schools participated and it was an honour for PAD to collaborate all schools on one platform and create a competitive environment. It nourished our students and helped in the exploration for talent in our students. This is the only platform where students, teachers and schools are highly motivated and encouraged while knowing their skills in different fields.

The program was woven altogether perfectly by Mrs. Nayyar and the young hosts  Yamna Imtiaz, of English Language School, Dubai  and Rithvik Menon, of Scholars International academy, Sharjah.

Four different competitions were held.

Competition 1: English poetry performance on the UAE National day

  • One entry per school
  • Grade 9 – 13

Competition 2: Iqbal’s Urdu poetry with Tableau  

  • Grade 5 – 8

Competition 3-4: Essay writing on the UAE National day or Iqbal day (English and Urdu)

  • Two entries per school
  • Grade 9 – 13

Results announcements

Twelve judges were appointed to evaluate the competitors. There details are as followed.

Urdu Essay writing judge  

  1. Miss Tayyaba Firdous M.A in Urdu
  2. Miss Iram Incharge

3.Ms.AyeshaM.A Urdu

English Essay Judge      

1.Miss Mafia (Head of English Department in DPS)In charge

  1. Ms.Toshinia(Assistant professor of Literature at the University of Management)
  2. Ms. Nibras
  3. Arshid Malik


English poetry Judge      

  1. MadamHaleema Principal of Delhi Private school, Ajman
  2. MissFahmida
  3. Dr.Kakul(Professor in Skyline College)In charge


Tableau Judge  

Madam Haleema    (Principal of DPS, Ajman)In charge

Tabish Zaidi

Syed Sharafat Ali Shah


Results and Award ceremony

All winners received medals and trophies and certificates were awarded to all participants



Competition 1 English poetry

1st place: Pakistan Islamia School, Abu Dhabi.

2nd place: Pakistan Islamia Higher School, AL-Ain.

3rd place:  Omer bin Khitab School, Ajman

1st place’s poem was recited with beautiful words, resembling the seven colors of the rainbow uniting like the seven emirates, the poem was of the title “A land of Pride”.

Competition 2 Iqbal Urdu poetry

1st place:  Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary, school Al Ain.

2nd place:  Omer binKhattab School, Ajman

3rd place: Islamia English School, Abu Dhabi.

Schools were successfully conveying the message of Iqbal’s poetry and thoughts. Hugely appreciated by the audience. Judges had atough time in this competitive environment where all of the schools’ hard work and effort touched the hearts of the audience.

Competition 3-4: Essay writing on the UAE National day or Iqbal day (English and Urdu)

Urdu Essay Competition

1st place: Syed Qasim Raza, Pakistan Islamia School Sharjah

2nd place: Fatima Imran, Islamia English School Abu Dhabi

3rd place: Khalood Israr, Omer bin Al-Khitab School, Ajman

Pakistan Islamia School,RAK

English Essay Competition

1st place:Minahal Saeed, Pakistan Islamia Higher School, Sharjah

2nd place:MahnoorMansoor, Scholars International Academy, Sharjah

3rd place:ImanNazeer, Omer bin Khattab School, Ajman.

Tableau competition

1st place:Pakistan  Private school Al Ain

2nd<.sup> place: Omer Bin Khatab Ajman

3rd place : Islamia English School Abu Dhabi

Over all in competitions, the winner was Pakistan Islamia School Abu Dhabi.