Normal human life revolves around achieving success in our various fields which we think will make our lives comfortable, happy and ultimately successful. The measurements of success are usually money, position, influence, strength, health, longevity and can further add
reputation, satisfaction, peace and tranquility.

But the basic question is that why we want to be successful, and the answers are more than one depending what mood you are, what stage of life and what philosophy of life you attribute to.

For a young man at the start of his career he wants to be successful in getting a well-paid job with bright prospective of promotion and advancement and secure future.

For a retired person a healthy, happy life with his family in a cozy environment with safe neighborhood having people of his age and taste for the company with easy excess to Church, Mosque or any other religious place to which he belongs to with close by medical facility.

For a sportsman he wants to have some sports facilities or body building facility like Gymnasium close by.

If you look closely to be happy and successful you want to have control on your surroundings and the people around you which according to normal thinking comes through money, position status, knowledge and intelligence.

In the simple language everyone wants power over people his surroundings and the events, but due to some negative connotation no one wants to use the word POWER.

Power is not a wrong word or wrong desire to have. Power is really the driving force of the whole universe and without it nothing moves but it is two-edged sword which can make a victor or turn into a predator. Right amount of power in the right direction with right intention
and purpose can change individual’s life and sometimes change the course of the history.

In our life we come across two type of power, one is the power we use against others and second which we use to enhance our potential. Just like Negative & Positive currents both these most of the time have diagonally opposite effect.

Power tools like money, position, authority, strength used to have control over others at the end turns an individual to be obnoxious, self- conscience, self-centered, insecure and ultimately dissatisfied and self-destructive, while power harnessed for self-development turns
a person as reformer, higher achiever, happy, satisfied and the inspiration for others.

You must have read, known, heard the stories of rich and famous ending their lives as alcoholic, drug abusers, and ultimately as the miserable failures, while some ordinary folks in blue jeans and no money turning the tide of history like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and dozen
others who used their internal power for the good of others and in the course changed the lives of the millions.

Just to prove my point I am copying the stories of two individuals to whom most of you must be knowing, admiring and idolizing at some point of time but both of them ended completely opposite just by using or mis-using their individual power for their advancement while the
other for self-destruction. These stories I picked from the book of the well-known inspirational speaker and writer Mr. Antony Robbins.

It is a story of a person who met with a horrible accident while riding on his bike and travelling at the speed sixty-five miles an hour when his eye caught something along the side of the road and as he diverted his gaze and took his eyes off the road for a couple of seconds and suddenly found a huge Mack truck in front of him which applied the breaks and he had no time to responds, resultantly skidding and sliding under the truck with the patrol tank’s lid opened and spilling gasoline catching fire and giving him seriously burned body, waking up in the hospital with agonizing pain, unable to move and fearing to breath. Three-quarter of his body was covered by three-degree burns. He struggled back to life and to resume a business career, only to suffer another staggering blow: an airplane crash that left his body completely paralyzed, from waist down, for life.

“There is the story of other person who is fabulously wealthy, enormously talented entertainer with huge following. At twenty-two he was the youngest member of Chicago’s famed Second City comedy troupe. Almost immediately he became show’s acknowledged star. Soon there is
a major theatrical hit in New York. He became one of the great television successes of seventies. Then he became one of the nation’s hottest film stars. He branches into music and enjoyed the same instant success there. He had dozens of admiring friends, a good marriage, wonderful home in New York City and Martha’s Vineyard. He had everything a person could wish for.”

Which one would you like to be out of the two? Naturally no will think of choosing first over the second.

But the first one has name W. Mitchell, because of his accidents he has seen success and joy more than most people know in a lifetime. He became a millionaire in business. He ran for congress, even though his face was grotesquely marked. His campaign slogan was “Send me to Congress, and I won’t be just another pretty face”. He was the happiest most contended successful people I know.

The second person was famous John Belushi, who was best known comedian who enriched millions lives but not his own. When he died at the age of thirty-three of what his coroner ruled “ acute toxicity from cocaine and heroin”

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