One of the greatest powers for good, upon the face of this earth, is faith. To this marvelous power may be traced the miracles of the most astounding nature. It offers peace on earth to all who embrace it.

Faith involves a principle that is so far reaching in its effect that no man can say what its limitations are, or if it has limitations.

(Napoleon Hill- The law of Success)

Who can overemphasize the importance of faith more than a Muslim. The base of our life in this world and hereafter is completely dependent on the undisputable and firm faith on the Unknown and HIS Benevolence.

Human life is full of uncertainties, turmoil, trials and turbulences and most of the time our resources fall quite insufficient or totally absent to survive the situation, at such junction the only thing that saves us is our faith on betterment of the future

Faith is not an abstract concept but a real inner strength. Faith provides us the peace of mind and confidence to face any challenging situations which are all around us.

Without faith life is an empty shell and a torture as most of the situations are beyond the control of a human being and any amount of knowledge, resources, strength cannot guarantee the desired results. After all the planning, utilization of resources putting the best efforts accepting the result, whatever it is, is the matter of faith.

Through faith comes the gratitude which is another essential component of peace of mind and generates the hope for the best and makes one ready and receptive of the worst.

A true Muslim is always happy, satisfied, content and calm because of his firm faith on GOD.

Most of Psychological troubles and ailments like anxiety, worry, depressions and other mental disorder are the bye-products of lack of faith in Nature and Higher Self.

Our present life style has robbed us of our faith and made us dependent on, monetary wellbeing, the devices, our own intelligence, and readymade solutions which are not only defective, but unreliable and uncertain. A device and theory which is supposed to be the answer to our trouble today becomes obsolete and unfit the next day.


Please do not get the idea that I an advocate of lack of effort or ambition, or against acquiring material well being, or against putting the best efforts and applying the highest caliber, but all these ingredients have to be mixed with faith to have the maximum satisfaction and a cushion from the shock of the failure.

Faith is not only the need of an individual but the essential requirement for the progress of a country and the Nation. The countries and the nations who lose their faith on their own strength and abilities start the downward journey and start losing their place in the world and end up in the line of “Failed Nations”.

It is the job of the successful leadership to build the faith of the nation on its capabilities, opportunities and its future generation with dependence on GOD. The leadership that fails to do that is a “Failed Leadership” and required to be replaced as soon as possible before it inflicts an irreparable damage to the country and the world.

The faith on the Almighty and His benevolence, the faith in the spirit of survival and the faith that every good and bad happens due to some reason and every situation creates a base for the coming events is the undisputable recipe of success, peace and ultimate progress of entire world.

Worry ends when faith on GOD Begins

Rais Khan is a Chartered Accountant and an author. He has worked in corporate sector for 40 years in a variety of corporations ranging from IBM to Etisalat in UAE. He has worked and lived in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Africa and the UAE. Currently he is a freelance business consultant and part-time writer. He is the Editor of Pehchaan and can be contacted at [email protected]

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