Lot #37 Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

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Artist: Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

Size:30x36 inches

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi’s landscapes show a profound understanding of his subject matter, his comprehension of the nuances of colour in his paintings, his appreciation for capturing seasons and different times of the day are painted in the most sensitive and aesthetically soothing manner. Just as English Romantic painter John Constable was known for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale, better known as Constable County, Zulfi is well-known for his love of painting the city of Lahore and the surrounding rural areas. Technical proficiency aside, it is the emptive quality in his work just like Constable that can make a person see the peace embedded in his work. There is a beautiful tranquility about Zulfi’s landscapes; they convey an idea of poetic moments that can alight the viewer in his or her dark moments. His rich canvases reveal and explore diverse dimensions of realism but if looked upon closely, hints of Impressionism do come across. This must be due to his teacher and mentor Khalid Iqbal who recorded light and the atmosphere in his images without using stereotypical images. The presence of the breeze, light pouring through the trees and mist, the falling leaves and movement of figures are all participants in his work. Zulfi’s awareness, sense of observation and perspective of depth is regenerated with his selection of colour and style of application.Placing Zulfi’s work in context of the cultural conditions of our time, his work is met with a philosophical liking and a pictorial representation of acceptable appreciation. According to Zulfi, his paintings are a reflection of who he is as a person, sensitive in nature and creative in spirit.

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