Lot #34 Tania Nasir

Winning Bid: 3,000.00 AED

Item condition: New



Artist: Tania Nasir

Size: 92 x 115 cm

Geometry is an ancient form of expression and is a way of getting perfection in forming curves as well named as biomorphic design in islamic art. And top teir is calligraphy which is God's lines used in Holy book of Quran. All of the above three are used widely in art of islamic pattern. It brings you closer to nature where the symmetry tells you how it begins and how it tessalte.
The geometrical pattern used in this piece is twelve-pointed star. And surrpunded by illumination pattern used in old Arabic manuscripts to highlight the Quran with chained borders. Its finished in gold ink and watercolors on handmade hemp paper.

Bidding History

Auction is sealed

Highest bidder was: nsaeeda

April 20, 2021 11:52 pm3,000.00 AED nsaeeda
April 14, 2021 6:00 pmAuction started
Pakistan Association Dubai. , Street 11b, Oud Metha Road,
Bur Dubai ,
United Arab Emirates
04 2305000
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