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Auction Ends In

Auction ends in

  • Lot #1 Winning Bid: 30,000.00 AEDAuction finished
Important: Due to some technical difficulties, there has been an unfortunate glitch in the system for our ongoing online auction. In case you have received an email suggesting that the auction has ended, please ignore the message. We would like to reiterate that the auction is currently LIVE until midnight today and we encourage you to continue bidding generously in order to support the Pakistan Medical Centre. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
PAD and Poetic Strokes proudly bring to you the Online Art Auction 2023 Edition (Mar 29th-Apr 2nd) which will exhibit exclusive artworks designed by incredibly talented artists from diverse backgrounds.

Last Ramadan, you helped us offer free healthcare to thousands of individuals. Let's join hands again with Pakistan Medical Centre (PMC) to keep someone's hope alive. All proceeds from the auction will be used to support the free treatment of deserving patients at PMC.

We passionately believe in supporting our community and have chosen this platform to also promote our very own community artists based in the UAE, who have united for this noble cause.

In the spirit of the Holy Month, let's unite once again for the love of giving. For queries, please contact  055 766 5852 / 054 7926620  
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Through your generous donations, thousands of patients have been provided free healthcare at Pakistan Medical Centre. 
Watch these stories to see how you brought hope to their lives.

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