PAD Elects New Board of Directors for 2022-2024 in Oath-taking Ceremony

On October 14 th , 2022, Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) welcomed its new Board of Directors during an oath-taking ceremony which was held at the Fatima Jinnah Seminar Room of our multifunctional complex. The board for the 2022-2024 term, comprising of some old and new members is being led by President, Dr Faisel Ikram, Vice President, Dr Shahid Zaman, General Secretary, Mr Zahid Hasan.

Members of Chief Election Commission also graced us with their presence at the ceremony amongst some prominent members of the Pakistani community. Our former board of dedicated individuals oversaw some of our most monumental achievements during their tenure. With the grand inauguration of the Pakistan Centre in 2020, PAD became home to the world’s largest community Centre and the GCC’s first not-for-profit healthcare facility in the shape of Pakistan Medical Centre. Other accolades also included the prestigious Dubai Quality Award and our mention in the Pakistan Foreign Minister’s Honors List for our community efforts as Overseas Pakistanis. These milestones have emerged during a pandemic which brought challenges of its own, making our hard-earned accomplishments the result of sheer hard work and commitment. The previous PAD leadership has facilitated the steady progress of our organization through meticulous planning to adapt to the “new normal” and the subsequent return to normalcy, leaving behind a benchmark to follow.

With diverse professional backgrounds from marketing and finance to healthcare, the new PAD office bearers bring esteemed skillsets to our leadership. They have vowed to work for the long-term sustainable development of the organization, especially focusing in areas of education and healthcare. The ultimate mission of the new leadership remains to uphold our values of compassion, diversity and tolerance while empowering the Pakistani community in areas of physical, financial and social wellness.

President PAD, Dr Faisel Ikram, who has led the organization with great integrity and discipline, shared his thoughts on the occasion. “I’m honored to be leading the organization once again and strive to work for the sustainability of the organization. As a team, we are truly passionate about working to promote opportunities of learning and development. I also look forward to mobilizing more of our community for worthwhile causes and utilizing the best of their potential. Together we rise and together we serve,” said Dr Ikram.

PAD has also pledged to strive for Vision 2029 which is our aim to be one of the best community Centre in the world through the fulfillment of ten key objectives. Our newly elected Board of Directors will join forces to promote women and youth development programs, engage students and academics for research and development, digitalize services at PAD, and adopt green policies to reduce our carbon footprint. We wish our new board all the success in their long-term goal to make PAD an emerging international brand for community impact and social cohesion.
Names of New Elected Members
1. Dr. Faisel Ikram – President
2. Mr. Zahid Hasan – General Secretary
3. Dr. Shahid Zaman – Vice President
4. Mr. Muhsin Al Banna – Board Member
5. Mr. Khalid Imtiaz – Board Member
6. Ms. Mariam Mumtaz – Board Member
7. Ms. Sumera Talha – Board Member
8. Dr. Tariq Saeed Khan – Board Member
9. Mr. Muhammad Salah Uddin – Board Member
Election Committee
1) Amjad Ali Khan – Chairman Election Committee
2) Mr. Shoukat Ali Rana – Member Election Committee
3) Mr. Khalid Mehmood – Member Election Committee
4) Mr. Mohsin Rana – Member Election Committee
5) Ms. Asma Jan Muhammad – Member of Election Committee
PAD Elects New Board of Directors 2022-2024 | Oath-Taking Ceremony

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