Pakistan Association Joins in to Leave a Legacy

Najam Khawaja leads from the front in motivating the community to own up components at Pakistan Medical Centre
Stepping up the efforts of Pakistan Association Dubai, a prominent community member hosted an event raising awareness for the upcoming not for profit Pakistan Medical Centre.
It was held at the plush Palazzo Versace on Thursday evening and was titled as “Live the Legacy” inspired by the Year of Zayed. Nearly 400 people including dignitaries’ from Pakistan and UAE joined hands in the cause.
The Ambassador and Counsel General of Pakistan graced the event along with Saleh Ali Al Mazmi, the Head of Licensing at Community Development Authority.

Najam Khawaja, a businessman by profession who comes from a family of philanthropists hosted the evening and owned up the pediatric unit of the healthcare facility. He applauded the team of dedicated doctors who since 2009 have served the underprivileged of the community through free medical camps.
“It gives me immense pleasure to see the community come together for a noble cause; this project would not have been possible without the constant support of Community Development Authority” said Dr Faisel Ikram, President Pakistan Association Dubai.
“We should all do something worthwhile in order to leave a legacy; the year of Zayed should motivate us to follow the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed and contribute towards the betterment of a common man’s life” added Dr Ikram referring to the Pakistan Medical Centre.
The idea of the Medical Centre came up when a handful of Pakistani doctors started free medical camps in 2009 on the premises of PAD serving the underprivileged class who could not afford to go to private hospitals.
The Pakistan Medical Centre is a component of Pakistan Centre, which once completed would be the world’s largest community centre for overseas Pakistanis located in Oud Metha.
There are nearly eleven components of the medical centre of which six of them got owned up through this event of ‘own a brick’. Amongst them are cardiology unit, women’s health, pediatric unit, ophthalmology unit, radiology unit and laboratory.
Those owning the components were presented with ‘plaques of appreciation’ motivating others to step up to the cause as well.
“The Pakistan Medical Centre will run like any ordinary multispecialty polyclinic providing state of the art healthcare facilities in lieu with Dubai Health Authority” said Dr Nighat Aftab, President Medical Wing, PAD.
The novel campaign of ‘own a brick’ encourages Pakistanis in the UAE to take ownership of the community centre by contributing through bricks valued at Dh1000 each which makes them members of the Association for 10 years.
Rizwan Fancy, Director PR and Media Relations at PAD said “It’s heartwarming to see Pakistanis lead from the front and take responsibility of their own community’s project”.
He also asserted that as a volunteer body Pakistan Association Dubai has been continuously serving the less fortunate ones in numerous areas.
Thursday evening saw stand up comedians fly from Karachi and add up humor and fun to the gathering.
“It’s a great honor to be associated with a PAD event and work alongside a passionate and dedicated team. The free medical camps by the doctors for the community are a great achievement and the upcoming permanent facility is something we are all proud of” noted Ayesha Imtiaz, founder of Poetic Strokes who helped in organizing & curating the entire event.
The construction work has already begun and the project would be inaugurated on August 14, 2019.

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