Important tips after Ramadan and Eid for a healthy lifestyle

Ramadan was an annual natural body detox on its own with so many benefits.

It will take at least couple of days to get back on track with sleeping and eating habits after Ramadan and Eid.

To get back on track the right way, we have to re-train our self to eat small meals throughout the day for the first few weeks after Ramadan and Eid.

Here are some tips that will help us in doing so.

Keep sweets at a minimum since our body hasn’t adjusted itself yet to its routine and excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine do have negative side effects.

Prefer dates over chocolates, and following with the recommendation of the Prophet (peace be upon him), have three. Avoid that extra piece of biscuit and cake , instead of two spoons of sugar in coffee, try half a teaspoon.

Increase green intake with plenty of fibre and nutrients.

Snack on fresh fruits, they will be helpful in the hot summer days, have fresh juices instead of store-bought.

Stay properly hydrated, we need to drink more water. Keep a bottle of water in bag, and on desk, increasing water intake, will boost your energy levels and bring glow to your skin.

Alongside the attempts of portion control and proper meal choices, let’s not forget to include some physical activity as well, start off light, 20 minutes of mild physical activity such as walking or light jogging, take it slow and work up again to pre-Ramadan physical regimen. Don’t push too hard, it might harm and cause muscle spasms.

Think wisely and create a plan best suited to our individual needs.

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