Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs

I am always in search of a good article, insightful quote, or moving poetry. It is part of an inbuilt quest to see myself through someone else’s eyes.

It is a constant struggle to complete myself and justify my existence in this world. Most of the time I console myself for not being what some wise, renowned, successful person considers to be ideal, because I did not get those circumstances or that God-given intellect.

When I first heard the statement made by Ms. Farrah Gray (whoever she is), it hit me like a bolt of lightning. We, the so-called professionals from the upper-middle class, are conditioned through our upbringing, families, schools, colleges, universities, and the world to be the best candidates to be hired to build someone else’s dreams. We are taught to be the highest achievers so that someone else will select us to achieve his dream, mollifying us with annual increments, bonuses, a few certificates, travel privileges, or a few pats on the back. When it is all done and we are fully consumed and the work has been completed, we are abandoned like sled dogs to be fed to the wolves.

Do I sound bitter? Maybe, but more than that I feel betrayed by my own intelligence and lack of insight. An architect visualizes designs, convinces, argues, and burns the midnight oil to make his vision for the building come to life. But when that building has been constructed and commissioned, all too often it fulfills the dream of someone whose contribution was to hire someone to build his dream and, for the rest of time, the name of this building is that of someone’s dead father or useless mistress or in America the name of big corporation or a bank.

Nobody knows the name of the builder, designer, and constructor of the Taj Mahal, but everyone knows who the dreamer was. His name has been immortalized.

In today’s world, corporations are the dreamers and professionals like you and me are hired to build their dreams. We are plucked from universities before we understand our capabilities or can accurately assess our own value and are proudly inducted into the system to feed someone else’s greed, dreams, and ambitions, ultimately leading to their prosperity.

I am a very humble accountant with a working life of thirty-eight years. In that time, I do not remember how many times I have contributed to saving a drowning organization; I do not remember how many times I have taken the blame for someone else’s stupidity, incompetence and ignorance. Each time I was rewarded by the same sentence: “IT IS YOUR JOB.”

Well, it does not serve any purpose now to blame others, but my advice to anyone who is listening is


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