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Pakistan Association Dubai introduces the Niaz Muslim Library, the UAE’s largest source of Urdu literature. It was inaugurated on Pakistan’s 77th Resolution Day by H.E. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance. The library was set up in the memory of a Down Syndrome child, the late Niaz Muslim, in 2017 as an initiative to go in line with the UAE’s theme of the Year of Giving. The library is home to almost 3,000 books including novels, journals, audiobooks, encyclopedias, children’s books, and biographies that range in topics such as art, Urdu and English literature, and the history of Pakistan and the UAE.

Unwind and relax here at the Niaz Muslim Library.📚 Located in Pakistan Association Dubai, Oud Metha.

A framed self-portrait of the beloved late Niaz Muslim can be seen at the entrance of our library. Born on November 13th, 1950 to Nazira and Abdul Muslim, Niaz was a special child with Down’s Syndrome. He later became the blossoming source of inspiration for the Society for Children In Need of Special Attention (SCINOSA) which was pioneered by his parents in 1960, Karachi. Today, SCINOSA is proudly providing special attention and care to over 135 children with special needs.

Niaz Muslim passed away on April 29th, 2009, leaving an empowering mark in his family. In 2017, his family chose to set up the Niaz Muslim Library in his memory as an initiative to go in line with the UAE’s theme of the Year of Giving. We are eternally grateful to the Muslim family for bestowing the Pakistan Community and others of Dubai, the priceless gift of reading.

Are you captivated by the history of art? This rich masterpiece entails the historic journey of Islamic and secular art and its transition from archaic pieces to contemporary works. The images exhibited in this book narrate the profound impact of Islamic art on the connection of cultures and faiths, and truly seeing art as the gateway to overcoming differences and seeking a sense of unity. A real treat for art enthusiasts, this impressive catalog by Nasser D Khalili is sure to have you enthralled by its powerful essence.

The Niaz Muslim Library is a multipurpose venue that offers a range of facilities to cater to all of your needs. Its vast symposium, an ideal space for conferences, can fit 80-100 people. Additionally, the symposium is not restricted to only one meeting at a time; for your comfort and ease, it can be divided into 3 private corners, simply with our glass sliding doors, so that up to 3 meetings can occur at once without interfering with others. Are you ready to host a successful meeting here? For more details, write to [email protected].

Calling all bookworms! The Niaz Muslim Library is packed with a range of fascinating volumes that are fit for anyone and everyone! We have a variety of books on every topic including politics, Islam, sci-fi, Pakistani history, Urdu literature and much more! No excuses now- it’s time to start digging!

Do you have a big project coming up that requires time, technology and a peaceful environment to work in? The Niaz Muslim Library promises you an excellent workplace with up to date wifi- connected computers that require no charge from you. If you prefer to bring your own devices, go ahead! We’ve got you covered with multiple charging ports and free wireless connection.

Are you looking for an insight into modern governance and being a better person? This concise book explores the personal life and vision of HH Sheikh Mohammad while teaching valuable life skills such as management, creativity, and leadership.
If you’re not interested in politics- this book is still perfect for you whether you are a leader or simply looking for motivation. As you read, you’ll find yourself wanting to be a better person and will appreciate your home, the UAE. An inspiring book that is fit for all.
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Women Who Write are Dangerous synopsis

Once upon a time, women who wished to pursue a career in writing were considered a disgrace. As time flew over the years, they continued to fight for what they wanted to do and some women still persist until today. ‘Women who Write are Dangerous’ by Stefan Bollman, is an enthralling collection of profiles, paintings, photographs and writing pieces belonging to prominent female authors. Discover and inspire yourself with empowering women such as Dorothy Parker and Jane Austen, author of the globally praised novel, “Pride and Prejudice.” This sequel to “Women who Read are Dangerous” will have you lost in thought for months. Go on and give it a try!
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Indus Journey Synopsis

Calling all Pakistanis! Let’s embrace our country’s beauty through this carefully crafted book written by Imran Khan. Indus Journey provides a personal view of Pakistan’s natural amenities and the history of its landscapes through the eyes of Imran Khan’s journey through Pakistan. From the plains of Sindh to his home town, Lahore, this book covers every inch of Pakistan’s grace. Including striking photos capturing the beauty of Pakistan taken by Mike Goldwater, reading this book will make you feel like the proud Pakistani you deserve to be!

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Reading has benefits!
There are so many great benefits to reading! As you’re self-isolating, think of this as the perfect time to pick up a book and rediscover your love for reading. You have all the time you need- let’s start reading! 📚

Let us know what you’re reading by snapping a picture of your book with #readingwithnml to be featured on our story!

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