Allama Iqbal - An Ocean of Wisdom

On 9th November there was a birth of a grand personality born on this sub- Continent by the name of IQBAL to whom we to-day know as ALLAMA IQBAL. He is the man to whom we as Pakistani’s owe our existence, freedom, identity, pride and an existence of a Nation.
He was a philosopher thinker, scholar, reformer and a poet wrapped in one.

He was a personality who dreamt of a nation with a true Muslim Identity carved from the huge colossal body of land occupied by the forces diagonally opposite to Islam and with the potential of at some point of history to be capable of destroying the existence of Islam as hostile element in that area which is coming through to-day.

He was the man who saw the dream of a separate piece of land where Muslims of the Sub-Continent can have their home land free from fear, dominance and influence of hostile forces to establish a small Island where Islam can be established as a faith, as religion and as a way of life.
To achieve this dream, he looked around and found the Ideal partner, who was highly educated, respected, dedicated and devoted to the cause and had the courage, wisdom, tenacity and strength to convert his dream into a reality, name Qaid-E-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Iqbal was born on 9 November 1877 in an ethnic Kashmiri family in Sialkot within the Punjab Province of British India (now in Pakistan).[16] His family was Kashmiri Brahmin Sapru which had converted to Islam.[17][failed verification] In the 19th century, when the Sikh Empire was conquering Kashmir, his grandfather’s family migrated to Punjab. Iqbal often mentioned and commemorated his Kashmiri lineage in his writings.[18][12]

For me all above is academic and for educated people better than me who know Iqbal through his philosophy, work, poetry, achievements, but for me Allama Iqbal is part of my earliest memories of early school prayer times DUAA

لب پہ آتی ہے دعا بن کے تمنا ميری
زندگی شمع کی صورت ہو خدايا ميری

دُور دنيا کا مرے دم سے اندھيرا ہو جائے
ہر جگہ ميرے چمکنے سے اُجالا ہو جائے

ہو مرے دم سے يونہی ميرے وطن کی زينت
جس طرح پھول سے ہوتی ہے چمن کی زينت

زندگی ہو مری پروانے کی صورت يا رب
علم کی شمع سے ہو مجھ کو محبت يا رب

ہو مرا کام غريبوں کی حمايت کرنا
دردمندوں سے ضعيفوں سے محبت کرنا

مرے اللہ! برائی سے بچانا مُجھ کو
نيک جو راہ ہو اس راہ پہ چلانا مجھ کو

When I grew up I started trying my luck on his serious philosophical poetry some of which are:

SHIKWA, JAWAAB SHIKWA, TALBAA ALI GHARH COLLEGE KE NAAM, KABHI HAQIQAT MUNTAZIR, SAAQI NAAMA, IBLEES KI MANZIL SHURA, JAVED SE, and numerous others, but I could only remember and understand equal to my capability and understanding.
Iqbal is an ocean and it requires more than one life span to understand his poetry, his philosophy thinking and the depth of his work majority of which is in Persian.

Allama Iqbal was not only a poet but a reformer and according to some he was one of the best interpreters of QURAAN.

When I tried to swim in the poetic ocean of Iqbal I soon realized that it is much beyond my capability and wisdom and finally started looking some small pail of wisdom which can suffice to show me route to success, wisdom and freedom and can easily pass on to my youngster as a simple recipe to achieve their dreams and finally rested my search on the following two lines which though are short but carry an limited amount of wisdom, foresight and direct route to success, satisfaction and happiness.

یقیں محکم عمل پیہم محبت فتح عالم
جہاد زندگانی میں ہیں یہ مردوں کی شمشیریں

A very simple translation:

Complete faith, constant struggle, and love (admiration, following the path) for the victors,
These are the swords for the persons to put up a fight in life.

I have now confined myself to this small principle and satisfied with the struggle.

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