Ladies forum organizes Arabic Caligraphy & Henna Designing Courses

Arabic Calligraphy as an art form is not new in Islamic Culture. It was developed, groomed and popularized in the golden era of Islamic history. The art of Arabic Calligraphy is still famous and considered one of the prestigious art forms.

Ladies forum PAD found the thirst in the community for this kind of artworks and therefore included this among many creative courses they arrange throughout the year. Ladies forum Cultural Department successfully organized Arabic Calligraphy and Henna designing courses from 21st July to 6th Aug 2019 three days a week at PAD. They aimed to develop skills related to Art in Pakistani Community (women) so that they can create their art icons and utilize their free time more productively.

These courses would be a challenge without professional trainers. Ms. Rubab Zahra and Ms. Asma Jawad contributed their precious time as mentors.

Ms. Rubab Zahra is a seasoned professional Calligraphy teacher, graduated in Biotechnology and a great artist in Islamic Scripting.

Ms. Asma Jawad is a professional henna artist and a well-groomed trainer for many beauty salons. Henna is a very integral part of the Middle East and South Asian culture. It also has roots from traditions set in Islamic history.

It was well managed and appreciated by the students who come from different parts of the UAE.

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