PAD Prepares for Future

PAD is a progressive organization, we are always striving to learn from our past, improving our present and aspiring to be ready for future.

On July 15th a brainstorming session was held at PAD comprising of select participants from the community. These 40 participants were experts in their fields and represented different specializations like Medicines, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Banking, Investments, IT, Businessman, Students & Housewives.

It was a healthy interactive discussion with all and we learned so much from the valuable input of the group.

Our discussion was :

What have we gained in the last decade?

What could have we done better? Constructive feedback.

What should be our Vision Statement?

What should be our goals for 2029 ?

We will be continuing the series of such brainstorming sessions in the future and will keep you updated of any further development.

We will also be inviting the local authorities to share Government of Dubai’s vision so that we can align accordingly.

    Pakistan Association Dubai. , Street 11b, Oud Metha Road,
    Bur Dubai ,
    United Arab Emirates
    04 2305000
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