12-year-old enthralls audience with motivational words in Dubai

It was an unusual spectacle for scores of Pakistanis who visited the Pakistan Association Dubai auditorium to witness the oratory skills of 12-year-old Hammad Safi, the youngest motivational speaker from Pakistan.

Elegantly dressed in a traditional white Pakistani kurta salwar with a black waist coat, young Hammad came on the stage in a composed way and spoke into a wireless microphone with poise and confidence. He was flown in from Pakistan to be a part of an art exhibition organised by Poetic Strokes. After reviewing the art works, Safi was asked to give an inspirational talk.

Safi ,who is already an online sensation with over two million followers on social media, has also earned titles such as ‘nanha’ professor (little professor), public speaker, young journalist, anchor and writer.

Talking about his journey of becoming a role model for thousands of youngsters and even adults, Safi, who hails from Peshawar, spoke about the importance of education, values, culture, language and love for his country. “I started my journey when I was just eight years old and since then, I have been delivering lectures in schools, colleges, universities and public gatherings and inspiring them to live a meaningful life. I talk about how we can bring about a change in our life by simply having a ‘can do attitude’ and not be afraid of failures because I believe failure is the basis of success.”

Safi, who has delivered motivational and awareness sessions in more than hundred universities of Pakistan, said one of the questions that he often faces from the audience is ‘why did you start so young or why don’t you enjoy your childhood like normal kids?

“If you look at the names of all great people in history, you will notice they set their goals in life at a very young age. To bring about a positive change in my people and my country, I had to start young.”

Safi was studying at a regular school in Peshwar, but in order to enhance his English and computer skills, he enrolled in a Super Kids programme. Shortly later, he left his school to be a full-time speaker and is completing his studies at home.

Presenting a positive image of Pakistan, Safi spoke extensively of the influence that shaped his mind. “I was very young when my teachers handed me a book written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a renowned poet widely regarded as having inspired the movement to create Pakistan. I believe the youth needs to be introduced to this great poet and philosopher’s idea of a united and educated Pakistan, which is what I propagate.”

He urged Pakistani expats to stay connected to their roots, culture and language and work for their country and its people by excelling in their fields.

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