Medical Wing of Pakistan Association organizes CPR Training

Medical wing of Pakistan Association has always been trying to bring health awareness to our communities in Dubai. In continuation of these efforts Medical wing in collaboration with Latifa women and Children Hospital Dubai celebrated a day of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) at Pakistan Association Dubai in accordance with UAE government initiative of giving CPR training to more and more UAE residents CPR awareness month 2019 hands only Two Steps To Save A Life…..

It was done on 29TH March 2019 as part of Free Medical Camp at Pakistan Association premises Oud Mehta Road between 3-6 pm.

The leads of the training were Dr. Nighat Aftab President of the Medical Wing/Dr Sumbul Javed (Cardiologist) Dr Naheed Elahi (Intensivist) Dr Zeba Iftikhar ,Dr Nasim Sabir, Mr. Abdul Rashid and in-service in charge UdayaKumari,Sylvia Fernandes Cicilia Kuma,Shahbinabi,Reena ,Shiny,Rigimon Marlin,Alia and Pethaperumal from Latifa Hospital .

Altogether 120 people attended the training including women, Men and children, the training included CPR Two Steps and Hemlich’s manoeuvre and the participants really appreciated the effort. All attendees were distributed certificates in acknowledgement at the end of the session.

    Pakistan Association Dubai. , Street 11b, Oud Metha Road,
    Bur Dubai ,
    United Arab Emirates
    04 2305000
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