Women rally for Pakistan Centre

Homemade food and hand crafted items make a difference

Since its launch in 2016, the ‘own a brick’ campaign has seen numerous events unfold in its support but nothing like ‘Create for a Cause’. The ladies group at the Pakistan Association Dubai joined arms to contribute towards the upcoming Pakistan Centre in the most innovative manner.

Thursday morning saw forty fancy stalls with dynamic women leading them with a mission to give back. It was an open invitation to the community to purchase items of their choice and the proceeds would go towards the accumulation of bricks.

“This event has provided a platform for women to exhibit their skills from cooking, embroidery, henna designing among many other activities” remarked Dr Aiza Ali Khan who has been at the helm of ‘Create for a Cause’.
“The response has been very encouraging; people have shown interest in buying the simplest things because the proceeds are going towards a cause which would God willing be a source of pride and support for the entire community.”

The hallmark of Pakistan Centre is it’s not for profit multi-specialty healthcare facility which will remain open to all nationalities. Since 2009, the Medical Wing have served over 34,000 patients in 100 free medical camps making mark of its own.

A slew of food stalls attracted large number of families as the dishes were professionally made, delicious and affordable. From street snacks, main courses and lip smacking desserts; each station played its role in being a part of a larger cause of Dh15million.

Hand made things and home-made food were the highlight of the event. Avant-garde book marks, pens, holders, dolls, jewellery were some of the intriguing stuff at the stalls.

Hafsah Arif who had personally hand crafted some boxes said “Giving back is so rewarding that no one wants to be left back. We strongly believe that if you can’t contribute through financial means; do it through your strengths.”
“We have collectively made things for people to buy so we can give the proceeds towards the bricks of Pakistan Centre and take pride in the ownership of the project” Arif noted.

The Dh15million is divided in to 15000 bricks giving an opportunity to the community to own bricks and become a member of PAD.

Work is in progress and 50% of the construction has been completed.
“It is so heartening to see individuals from all segments of the society come together for ‘own a brick’ campaign and prove their generosity through any novel skill they have. The true spirit of humanity is giving and this is what we all do at Pakistan Association Dubai” said Dr Faisel Ikram, President PAD.
The unprecedented project will inaugurate on August 14, 2019.

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