Pakistan Association Dubai - A Legacy through Sharing

The belief that strengthening individuals, strengthens the community

Pakistan Association Dubai has been serving the community since 1963. It’s passion to support the wellbeing of members of the community is eminent with the remarkable achievements it has made.

A nonprofit, volunteer organization regulated by the Community Development Authority, it is the voice of 1.5 million Pakistanis in the UAE. Within a year, the association will be equipped to be the most latest and state of the art community organization amongst others.

It facilitates the less fortunate ones with educational support, health care, social welfare and various other programs to upscale and uplift the community. The association is a strong pillar of guidance to any member who is in need of a shoulder.

“It is without a doubt that the new not for profit Pakistan Medical Center will bring light into thousands of lives residing in the UAE. It will be a symbol of unity and giving back to the community. Physicians will remind themselves and the public of the true meaning of healthcare, which is the selflessness and beauty of caring for everyone, regardless of reward. This center will be a new beginning for the less fortunate, because it will allow everyone to unite as one. I am certain that this medical center will not only play the role of a nurturing mother, but also prosper and accomplish its goals.”

Dr Jamil Akhras – Consultant Gastroenterologist MediClinic City Hospital

“The Pakistan Association Dubai has successfully provided the Pakistani Community in Dubai with leadership in generating a community spirit. This community spirit is evident from the successful completion of the Pakistani Auditorium Dubai, the commencement of construction of the Pakistani Centre Dubai (including the Pakistani Medical Centre), the success of the monthly Medical Workshop, the Meena Bazaar, the food rations distributed in Ramadan and its general welfare activities. Indeed it is heartwarming to see that the Dubai Community Development Authority is so wholeheartedly supporting these projects.

The next step is to exponentially expand the base of Pakistanis who can support the activities of the Pakistan Association Dubai. Hopefully the under-construction Pakistan Centre will be the magnet which will bring the community together to enable the functioning of the Pakistan Medical Centre and other projects like it in Dubai and Pakistan.”

Amjad Ali Khan – Senior Consultant, Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants and Chairman Pakistan Professional Wing

“PAD is a wonderful nexus for people to gather in the service of Pakistanis abroad and also the UAE’s wider community. The association runs a rich roster of events that galvanise people to action in support of excellent causes. It is a privilege for me to have been asked to moderate, MC and host some of these powerful gatherings. I look forward to a continued relationship with the PAD team as the association blazes new trails. ”

Hisham Wyne – Presenter, Broadcaster and Content Creator

“The sky changes its color and beautifies the universe. Similarly PAD has beautified the entire community’s canvas by providing diverse services in different shades of happiness. Whether it is the foundation of free Medical Centre or the facilitation of welfare, healthcare, educational or recreational services, PAD is climbing towards betterment so rapidly that all communities have developed trust in PAD’s diligent efforts.This is also the result of true prayers of those people who are served here as special guests not like ordinary needy people.” Sadaf Khan – Social Worker

“In the UAE, Pakistan Association Dubai engages community members through a series of volunteer, awareness and other initiatives. Being passionately involved in so many volunteering endeavors is not for everyone. As an active member of the Pakistan Professional Wing at PAD, I am proud to witness the activities led by the team at PAD and look forward to see them achieve their goals for the first of its kind Medical Center for the masses in the UAE.”

Farhad Ally – Business Development, digitally studios

“August14 heralds yet another commemorative call to duty. Let’s offer what we can to do for our motherland with grit and determination and not demand what Pakistan must do for us.”
Dr Nighat Aftab – President Medical Wing

“On this auspicious occasion I congratulate the PAD team, who has worked with dedication and selfless commitment to support those in the community who needed help, be it health care, education or social services. Thank you PAD for lifting up the needy and making a difference in their lives. I wish you success in every endeavor in the future. Your success is a mirror of our community’s commitment to the UAE.”

Najam Khawaja – Chairman and Founder DDB, Chairman and CEO TPH

    Pakistan Association Dubai. , Street 11b, Oud Metha Road,
    Bur Dubai ,
    United Arab Emirates
    04 2305000
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