I am going to QUIT...

Yes, you read it right, I am going to quit because I am not good enough, because I can never do what others are doing, I am never able to make people happy, I am never able to achieve my targets, I am never going to make it, I have tried many times, I will fail, I don’t know how to do it, I cannot learn, I don’t have money, I don’t have the personality, I cannot sell, I have never done this before, it is new for me, that guy has a source and I do not, that person is a genius and I am not, his dad is rich and mine is poor, I do not understand the concept, I am not good in this subject, I am a failure, I am useless, I am not beautiful, I am not a pleasing personality, I cannot make friends, I cannot talk to strangers, I cannot find a reference, people do not know me and I do not know how to market myself, I cannot speak good, I do not have the command on this subject, my life is full of miseries and tragedies, my mother didn’t treat me well when I was a kid, my father was an angry man and I was never loved, I learnt it this way, I cannot make people angry by doing things differently, what will people say, I know I will fail and people will laugh at me, I am not handsome, I am not beautiful, I am not a people’s person, I have never done such a thing before, what if I fail again, what if I cannot do this job properly, what if I fell down, what if I able to satisfy my boss, what if I cannot be on time as always, what if I forget, I am not worth it, I don’t think I will be able to do it, I cannot find a way out, I am stuck, I am not intelligent, I cannot influence people, I am not a good speaker, I do not have the required skills, I cannot learn, I am too old to learn, I will be a laughing stock, I have no purpose in life, no one loves me, I am not friendly, I cannot control my anger, I am emotional, etc.

I have enough reasons to quit and this is why I am justified in what I am doing, so I QUIT.

Wait, are all the above and more my reflections or people’s perceptions or my self crafted images about myself? All these talk about what I cannot and what I am not and what I am afraid of and what will happen and most importantly what will people say.

I have to have only one reason to do it and TODAY I found that reason I AM ME, the BEST CREATION of GOD, the most BEAUTIFUL person, My BEST FRIEND and


Think about it and remember you only have one life and so you need only one reason YOU.

I will still quit and quit my errs, quit my limiting beliefs, quit my negative images, quit my quitting and quit all those that stop me from NOT QUITTING.

Author, Muhammad Ali is a NLP Trainer, Body Language Master Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, Life and Career Coach.

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