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Pakistan Association Dubai

Pakistan Association Dubai was founded in late sixties. Following is a brief history of the Pakistani individuals who have been leading this organization since its inception:

  • Dr. Abdul Majid , an East Pakistani Muslim of Maktoum Hospital, was elected by the Association Committee as its first President. Mr. Azmat Khan Bangash, was chosen to be the General Secretary. A small, humble office space was rented in Murshid Bazaar for this purpose and the association was shifted there. The same office was later on used as fledgling Pakistani School. Having passed through many stages of improvement, this institution is known today as the Pakistan Education Academy.
  • The second President was Haji Abdul Ghafoor with Rana Muhammad Shafi as the General secretary.
  • The Third President was Mir. Imtiazuddin of Shirkat al Fulaij Dubai with Mr.Syed Umar Shah of Royal Cargo as General Secretary.(1982-1988)
  • The Fourth President was Mr. Shafqat of Dubai Water Supply with Mr. Kohati as the General Secretary. It was in Mr. Shafqat’s tenure that the office of the Association was shifted from Murshid Bazaar (Diera) to the Astoria Hotel in Bur Dubai.
  • The fifth President was Malik Mohammad Yaqub with Mr.Aaqil Khan Bangash as General Secreatry. It is worth mentioning that the present center was constructed during Malik Yaqub’s tenure under the supervision of a committee comprising of Syed Umar Shah, Mr.Muhamamd Karim Khan, Mr.Ghulam Nabi and Mr.Aaqil Khan Bangash with Malik Sahib as chairman. Special Credit goes to Mr. Shamim A. Syed the consultant who designed the building.
  • The sixth president was Malik Muhammad Aslam of Malik News agency with Mr.Syed Umer Shah as General secretary
  • The seventh President was Choudhry Mohammad Siddique with Muahammad Karim Khan as first Vice President and Mr.Ghulam Nabi as General Secretary.
  • The eighth President was Mr. Ehsan Ilahi with Mr. Ijaz Ahmed of (SB & company) as General Secretary.
  • The ninth President was Mr.Muhammad Shafi Samana with Mr.Suhail Anjum as General Secretary who (after a few months in office) was succeeded by Mr.Saleem Farooq as General Secretary.
  • Mr. Muhammad Shafi Samana was elected as PAD President again for second tenure, (2005 to 2006) with Mr.Shahid ul Islam Khan as General Secretary.
  • The Eleventh President was Mr. Muhammad Riaz Farooq Sahi, with Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Dawood as the Vice President and Mr.Syed Sabir Hussain as General Secretary.(2007-2009)
  • The twelfth President was Mr. Muhammad Riaz Farooq Sahi, with Mr. Muhammad Azeem as the Vice President and Mr.Muhammad Khaleeq as General Secretary.(2009-2011)
  • The Thirteenth and the Present President is Dr. Zia ul Hasan, with Mr. Zahid S. Tirmzi as the vice President and Dr. Faisel Ikram as General Secretary.(2011- till date)